Wednesday, February 23, 2011


In recent months we have been sending news bulletins before our exhibitions only and I now feel that it is time however to write a little about Kirra Galleries and the world of art glass. 


Often when I am in the gallery I hear people refer to us in terms which imply that our gallery is designed only for the wealthy. I can understand people thinking like this because the larger works are valuable, and of course they should be, because they represent the peak of artistic endeavours in a very difficult medium and we display them with justifiable pride. Such works which we are privileged to be able to offer do give the gallery a distinction and attract attention.

The upper end of the market however is but one segment of our offering as we are, by design, an access gallery in the sense that we do cater for all budgets.

If you come into Kirra Galleries and look around you will be able to see individually cast paperweights between $15 and $50, beautiful bowls between $50 and $500, dichroic glass jewellery starting at $30 and beautifully hot blown glass vases for between $120 and $250.

We are designed to cater to all tastes and all price ranges, be it a mother's day gift, birthday or wedding present or a piece you like just because you like it, you will find it at Kirra Galleries.

All this in addition to the work which we offer to serious collectors and international visitors who are interested in acquiring a significant piece of Australian art.

In recent days we finally concluded the refitting of our gallery, where the previous counter has been completely replaced by a new larger white one, the carpet has been replaced and the year is starting with a bang.

SOFA (Sculpture Objects & Functional Art) CHICAGO

Last November, as in prior years, Kirra Galleries participated in the SOFA expo in Chicago. We have by now become accepted as a regular exhibitor, to the extent that we have a number of very loyal friends who eagerly await our arrival. To our pleasant surprise the VIP passes allocated to us for opening night proved to be insufficient and we had to turn to the event's management to augment our supply

We represented twelve artists and the number of sales achieved, even having regard to the depressed state of the American economy and the strength of the Australian dollar, was a tribute to the quality of the work that was on offer.


We attended the biennial conference of Ausglass - the Australian Association of Glass Artists where Kirra Galleries moved a resolution which was unanimously accepted, to wit that:

"That the Board investigate a program of enhancing and enlarging the profile of Australian Studio Glass both nationally and internationally."

Therefore in the years ahead we can expect to see art glass or studio glass, as it is often referred, taking a higher profile than heretofore.


As you may know, each year Kirra Galleries offers a cash prize to a graduating student from Monash University's Glass Department whose work we judge to be the most promising of the works on exhibit at the graduating students' exhibition.

The winner of the 2010 prize was Dan Bowran. Dan's work is vibrant and cutting edge (no pun intended) and was so successful that two pieces were sold in the first two days of them being on display at Kirra Galleries.

Peter Kolliner OAM
Gallery Director


The year promises to be an interesting one from the point of view of exhibitions, so please be aware of the exhibitions currently scheduled:

3 March 2011-3 April 2011


Nicole Ayliffe
Annabel Kilpatrick
Laurel Kohut
Kristin McFarlane
Brenda Page
Denise Pepper
7 April 2011-8 May 2011
Kate Baker
Lisa Cahill
Holly Grace
Mikyoung Jung
Simon Maberley
Ruth Oliphant
12 May 2011-29 May 2011
Tony Hanning
2 June 2011-3 July 2011
Christian Arnold
Tim Bassett
Rebecca Coote
Tali Dalton
Miles Johnson
Harriet Schwarzrock
Tim Shaw
Jason Sims
Stuart Williams
Robert Wynne
Laurie Young
7 July 2011-31 July 2011

Miki Kubo
Amanda Louden
11 August 2011-4 September 2011

Ben Sewell
Maureen Williams
15 September 2011-9 October 2011
Flame on Glass 2011

9th Annual Overview of Contemporary Flameformed Glass
13 October 2011-13 November 2011
MM11 - The Monash Momentum Continues

5th Annual Monash Momentum exhibition
17 November 2011-11 December 2011

Catherine Aldrete-Morris
Dr Gerry King
Keith Rowe
Emma Varga
3 November 2011-6 November 2011
SOFA 2011
To be advised

Thursday, February 17, 2011

memories & mementos

Peter Kolliner OAM, Gallery Director together with Management and Staff of Kirra Galleries are delighted to invite you to an exhibition of new works by
Nicole Ayliffe, Annabel Kilpatrick, Laurel Kohut, Kristin McFarlane, Brenda Page and Denise Pepper.

This exhibition titled 'Memories and Mementos', asks the artists to recall past experiences and to recreate these memories in the form of imagery and objects through the medium of glass.

The works being exhibited will invoke emotions and shared memories drawing the viewer into the artists' worlds.

Please join us on Thursday 3 March 2011 at 6.00pm to view the exhibition and meet some of the artists.

6.00pm - 8.00pm Thursday 3 March 2011
'Memories and Mementos' Exhibition opening 
Kirra Galleries, Federation Square.

Flummeries 2010 by Denise Pepper
Dimensions Variable
Pate de verre glass, found objects

Girl at Dusk detail by Annabel Kilpatrick
Open Cast-Crystal Panels

Bonds of Love - Pink by Laurel Kohut
Blown, cold worked & engraved glass

 Optical Landscape engraved Leaf by Nicole Ayliffe
Hot blown, cold worked and engraved glass

Universal Memories: Childhood by Kristin McFarlane
Kiln formed glass with decal prints