Tuesday, May 17, 2011


As one of the pioneers of the Australian Glass movement, Dr Tony Hanning has earned himself a reputation for his outspoken and often irreverent approach to the decorative arts.

His research has led to an understanding that not everything we see in the world of the decorative arts should be taken at face value; that the field is filled with transgressions and in some cases the kind of perversion that if applied to the visual arts in general, would create uproar. However, the decorative arts have historically been accepted as somewhat benign by comparison with other forms of visual art and have been allowed to get away with salacious subject matter and various treatments that he believes need to be brought to the fore.

His latest work appears in an exhibition titled "Longing - wish you were here" at Kirra Galleries in Federation Square and showcases thirty new works based on various themes from orientalism to the tail-fin chic of the sixties. Common throughout all of the works is the magnificent technical prowess of cameo glass for which he is noted, however this time he has augmented his work with found objects. Neo baroque vases are adorned with bric a brac and items found in the homes of grandmothers, and in one instance a piece blown by one of the world's greatest masters, Dante Marioni from Seattle, is adorned with a piece from an EH Holden.

The result is a grand parody which questions the history of decorative art and the sources of its subject matter and as he ploughs this emotive field, Hanning works his magic on a series of richly statuesque, sumptuously decorated and gorgeously outrageous pieces that lure the onlooker to lose themselves in Longing - wish you were here!

Tony Hanning Current Solo Exhibition - 'Longing' - wish you were here
12 May 2011 - 29 May 2011 Daily 10.00am to 6.00pm
Kirra Galleries Federation Square

Tony Hanning with his work VEN

BIK by Tony Hanning

ICI by Tony Hanning

MOR by Tony Hanning

POP by Tony Hanning

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