Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kirra Galleries August Exhibition Opening

Scott Chaseling speaking at
the exhibition opening

Kirra Galleries new exhibition by Maureen Williams and Benjamin Sewell, titled "Diverse interpretations of the landscape," was officially opened last Thursday 11 August 2011 by internationally renowned glass artist, Scott Chaseling.
Commenting on the opening, Gallery Director Peter Kolliner said, "the exhibition was an outstanding example of world class glass art being inspired by the environment creating signature works  that would complement  high quality corporate and private environments."

Artists Statement - Maureen Williams:

"My work is concerned with personal narratives and views which are expressed using a three-dimensional canvas to depict altered views or altered landscapes.  The paintings reflect my abstract notion of reality as imagery. The imagery has been concerned with the narrative and most recently with the juxtaposition of nature and man's imposition on nature.  I use natural and aerial views and the linear aspects of the land together with those impacted by man. Imaginary views are linked with real views and altered.

The work also relates to relationships between man and the land and the fragility of this. Man creates altered views of the land and these are portrayed in various ways and tied to diverse views. Man is depicted in this landscape space in a variety of abstracted approaches." 

Artists Statement - Benjamin Sewell

"My current body of work is based on the environment of Northern Illawara, I have chosen aspects of the local topography to capture a sense of the landscape, encompassing the mood and sense of encapsulation the area creates, with the vaulting escarpment as a backdrop to the woodlands and ocean.

The making of each piece has in turn led to the next piece, which has acted as a type of linear mapping of the landscape and for me the maker brings together the contrasting elements to create a sense of the region." 

11 August 2011 - 4 September 2011  
Kirra Galleries, Federation Square
(enter via Atrium)

Peter Kolliner, Gallery Director, welcoming guests and introducing Scott Chaseling (centre) to the Maureen Williams and Benjamin Sewell exhibition opening.

Benjamin Sewell with his work Cairn

Maureen Williams with her work Altered Landscape #1

Obscured View 1 by Maureen Williams

Without & Within 25 by Maureen Williams

Collected Objects by Benjamin Sewell

Juainbilliley Creek by Benjamin Sewell

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