Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Third Dimension Exhibition Catalogue and News from Kirra Galleries

The Muster by Alisdair Gordon

'The Muster' Cameo Glass by Alasdair Gordon

The Third Dimension
Masters in Carved and Etched Glass
View the Exhibition Catalogue online or download the pdf

On Thursday 7th March we launched our first exhibition for 2013 - The Third Dimension: Masters in Carved and Etched Glass. Many of the artists travelled to Melbourne for the opening including Rish, Alasdair and Kevin Gordon from Western Australia, Miki Kubo and Yusuke Takemura from Sydney and Peter Nilsson from Canberra. The guest speaker at the exhibition was Dr Tony Hanning, and as usual his words were enlightening and complimentary. Tony's work is part of the exhibition but he said that he was honoured to be part of such an esteemed group of glass engravers. If you were unable to be at the opening or cannot get to Melbourne to view the work we have prepared a catalogue which can be viewed online or in pdf format.

This exciting exhibition showcases the diversity of techniques both ancient and ground breaking developed by this talented group of artists to create and decorate their work.

The Third Dimension features works by Alasdair Gordon, Kevin Gordon, Rish Gordon, Holly Grace, Tony Hanning, David Hay, Miki Kubo, Amanda Louden, Mariella McKinley, Peter Nilsson, Yusuke Takemura and Kayo Yokoyama and runs through until the 7th of April, 2013 at Kirra Galleries.

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For up to date information regarding the schedules of our exhibitions, please refer to the forthcoming exhibition section on our website.

Mariella McKinley

Yusuke Takemura

Rish Gordon

Peter Nilsson

Kevin Gordon

Alasdair Gordon

Holly Grace

Tony Hanning

Tony Hanning speaking at the opening and Peter Kolliner

Miki Kubo

Artist of the Month
Emerging Artist -
Yusuké Takemura

Pistil by
Yusuké Takemura

usuké Takemura
graduated from Kurashiki University Japan in 2006 . Since  then he has completed his Masters in Studio Art at The University of Sydney and has been represented by Kirra Galleries at SOFA Chicago 2011 and 2012.

He has just spent  four weeks in Canberra at The Canberra Glassworks as recipient of the Thomas  Foundation's artist in residence program. Pieces made during this residency can be seen in our latest exhibition "The Third Dimension" Masters in Carved Glass.

Yusuké's Statement
My intention during the residency was to diversify my practice by exploring new techniques and integrating them within my artworks. I create glass sculptures by cutting various shaped holes into transparent blown glass vessels. These holes create an optical illusion between the glass and the void.

As I am currently developing my artworks by blowing glass, I wanted to expand the scale to discover different forms as well as effects of using colours for my future projects.

The challenge of creating large scale artworks required an additional technical development to my art practice. As there are a variety of experts at the Glassworks, it was a great advantage and opportunity to be able to meet, discuss and share ideas, particularly when dealing with large scale sculptures.

As I envisioned my aims for that art in residency, I have explored dramatic changes in the scale and refined forms during very technical glass blowing sessions.  As well as those developments, I also discovered new features on my sculpture by the use of various colours and different patterns of holes in order to express my memory in childhood, which is one of my fundamental concepts for my art practice. The patterns on my works are based on organic forms which come from my memory and experience in nature in the past.

If you have any questions or would like further information on any of our pieces, please drop in or give us a call.

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