Thursday, November 6, 2014


SOFA Art & Design Chicago
Kirra Galleries are exhibiting at SOFA Chicago 2014 - the show opens on Thursday 6 November and we are in the throes of setting up an amazing display of Australian Art Glass at Navy Pier in Chicago, USA.
As part of our exhibition three of the artists we represent will be holding VIP conversations and if you are thinking of coming to the Fair take the opportunity to meet the artists and listen to them speak about their art.

Evelyn Dunstan Evelyn Dunstan
A Small World that Sees No Boundaries
Friday 7 November - 5.30pm
Cast-glass artist Evelyn Dunstan creates finely detailed, nature inspired vessels and sculptures that speak fluently of her love for the flora and fauna of her native New Zealand. Discussing the conflict of the drive to create versus the physical challenge of creating and the benefits of working in isolation, Dunstan provides insights into the influences, technical challenges and determination required to produce her exquisite works.

Scott Chaseling Scott Chaseling
Transitioning Between Ideas
Saturday 8 November - 2.00pm
Glass artist, sculptor and installation artist Scott Chaseling will present a conversation on artistic practice. He will discuss his own efforts to constantly evolve as an artist by means of shifting between creative ideas and an aesthetically and visually differing practice over the course of a career which could be defined by 'signature' works.

Ben Young Ben Young
From Inspiration to Fruition
Sunday 9 November - 12.30pm
Glass artist Ben Young discusses the life experiences which have influenced his work – pieces created from layers of sheet glass to resemble cross-sections of moving water. Ranging from his upbringing in a small beach town on the coast of New Zealand, which inspired his love of the ocean, to his training as a boat builder which has informed his technical practice. A clip from the documentary film "My Name is Ben Young" will also be shown.

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