Sunday, March 15, 2015

Kirra Galleries March Newsletter

Kirra Galleries News
Welcome to our March newsletter. In this issue we take a look at our current exhibition 'Shared Inspirations' and also highlight some upcoming events at Kirra Galleries - we look forward to seeing you soon.

26 FEBRUARY 2015 TO 22 MARCH 2015

We are delighted to be able to have the work of two very talented glass artists, Evelyn Dunstan and Emma Varga in an exhibition titled, Shared Inspirations.
The work in the exhibition illustrates their passion for nature and documenting the intricate detail and myriad of patterns and colour found in plants and flowers, from exotic tropical flora to vines and weeds peering through cracks at the end of the garden. The exhibition highlights this passion using images from their vast collections of photographs to create inspirational and evocative glass sculptures and panels, reflecting their individual styles and remarkable skills as well as their poetic sense of artistry.
The show was opened by Peter Kolliner OAM on Thursday 26 February 2015 and we were honoured to welcome Evelyn to our gallery, all the way from New Zealand, and Emma who travelled from Sydney for the opening reception.
The work will be on display until 22 March 2015 and if you are in Melbourne please call in to see the exhibition.
If you can't make it, click here to view their exhibition work in our online catalogue.
Emma Varga Evelyn Dunstan
Emma (L) and Evelyn (R) at the opening of 'Shared Inspirations'.


Make a note in your diaries - Thursday 16 April 2015 for the opening of DESIRE - an exhibition by seven Australian glass artists, Lisa Cahill, Mikyoung Jung, Laurel Kohut, Ruth McCallum-Howell, Kristin McFarlane, Crystal Stubbs and Bethany Wheeler, featuring glass sculpture and wearable art.
Each artist has been set the challenge to make beautiful glass sculpture complemented by wearable glass art.
DESIRE – an exhibition by seven Australian glass artists

Entries for the 2015 KIGA exhibition closed on Wednesday 18 February 2015. We received over 90 entries and on Monday 23 February 2015 the judging panel had the unenviable task of selecting 40 works for the exhibition which opens on Monday 1 June 2015. It was a difficult decision for the panel as all the entries were of a very high standard.
KIGA illuminating glass awardWe would like to congratulate the following artists on their selection as finalists:
Ebony Addinsall, George Agius, Ruth Allen, Liz Bottomley, Roger Buddle, Lisa Cahill, Andrew Crewes, Silvana Ferrario, Robert Gatt, Kevin Gordon, Holly Grace, Tegan Hamilton, Miles Johnson, Brent King, Laurel Kohut, Simon Maberley, James McMurtrie, Richard Morrell, Peter Nilsson, Denise Pepper, Sallie Portnoy, Pipit Pujiastiuti, Waynne Rayson, Harriet Schwarzrock, Tim Shaw, Crystal Stubbs, Lienors Torre, Alex Valero, Emma Varga, Lorry Wedding-Marchioro, Bethany Wheeler, Nick Wirdnam, Robert Wynne, Zoe Woods, Thomas Yeend and Jim Dennison and Leanne Williams from the Crystal Chain Gang.
Thank you to everyone who took the time to enter the competition and once again, congratulations to the finalists.

Exhibition Calendar 2015
16 April 2015 to 21 May 2015 - DESIRE - Glass sculpture and wearable art
Lisa Cahill, Mikyoung Jung, Ruth McCallum-Howell, Kristin McFarlane, Crystal Stubbs, Bethany Wheeler This exhibition celebrates women in glass and they have been challenged to produce wearable art to complement their sculptural glass work.

1 June 2015 to 30 June 2015 - KIGA 2015 - Kirra Illuminating Glass Award
This is the second KIGA exhibition and is held in conjunction with Fed Square's Light in Winter Program.

23 July 2015 to 23 August 2015 - FLOATING
"Floating" has been inspired by the ocean and will showcase the remarkable works of Peter Nilsson and Ben Young - both of whom work in the challenging medium of laminated float glass.

10 September 2014 to 11 October 2015 - FLAME ON GLASS 2015
This will be the 13th annual overview of contemporary flame formed glass - featuring demonstrations of flamework in the immediate vicinity of the gallery over the opening weekend.