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August 2016 Newsletter

Kirra Galleries News
The stunning Microcosm exhibition was opened on Thursday evening by Nick Wirdnam. Nick’s words were very eloquent and he was extremely complimentary about the exhibition and the work of Kirra Galleries in relation to the promotion of Australian Art Glass.
Nick spoke about his career in glass which spans more than 40 years (which he found surprising as he hadn’t been counting!), and he was proud to say that three of the exhibiting artists, Holly Grace, Laurel Kohut and Mariella McKinley had been his students during his time at Monash University. He has also been closely following the careers of Zoe and Nicole in Adelaide and Kayo from Sydney. Nick said he felt confident that the future of Australian Glass is assured by the coterie of young, talented artists practicing today.
During the opening Nick quoted a friend of his (Brodie Nairn) who said that “glass has an ego – it wants to show off all its attributes at once, it can be colourful, shiny, transparent or translucent, it can be thick or thin, solid or hollow, the interior and exterior surfaces may be visible simultaneously and unlike other materials, in its molten working state has a behaviour which
Peter Kolliner introducing Nick Wirdnam at the opening of Microcosm
Peter Kolliner introducing Nick Wirdnam at the opening of Microcosm
requires the constant attention of the artist – with the glass on the end of a blow pipe, even if the maker makes no decisions, the glass will do something, constantly moving until it cools”.
We were delighted to welcome 4 of the artists to the opening evening, Holly Grace, Laurel Kohut, Mariella McKinley and a special thanks to Zoe Woods for making the journey from Adelaide.
The exhibition is on show at Kirra Galleries until Sunday 4 September – if you are unable to visit the gallery to see it in person, we have included a link to the exhibition catalogue (see below) which is also on our website –
> Click here to view the Microcosm exhibition catalogue
Holly Grace Laurel Kohut
Holly Grace with her work “Dawn-Ahl” Laurel Kohut
Mariella McKinley Zoe Woods
Mariella McKinley Zoe Woods


This year we will be hosting the 14th Annual Overview of Contemporary Flame Formed Glass. The exhibition will open on Thursday 8 September 2016 with demonstrations in the Atrium of Fed Square, just outside Kirra Galleries on Friday 9 September, Saturday 10 September and Sunday 11 September. There will be over 30 artists in this year’s exhibition and we do hope that you have an opportunity to visit and see some of the artists dextrously manipulating hot glass by blowing and shaping with tools and hand movements.
The artists exhibiting at
Flame on Glass 2016 are:

• Christian Arnold • Sally Balfour • Susie Barnes
• Su Bishop • Jacquie Campbell
• Kathryn Chaston • Jemma Clements
• Richard Clements • Giselle Courtney,
• Cas Davey • Pauline Delaney • Kristin Dibbs
• Sarah Dingwall • Mark Eliott • Wolfgang Engel
• Julie Frahm • Dominic Garcia • Marilyn Hayes
• Lee Howes • Barb Jorgensen • Terri Kraehe
• Alistair Mead • Jennie Merritt • Raymond Mifsud
• Peter Minson • Anne Oberin • Lisa Simmons
• Veronique Southan • Craig Snell • Alan Ussher
• Brondwyn Vivian • Kathryn Wardill
• and Laurie Young.
Bird News 2 by Laurie Young
Bird News 2 by Laurie Young
Demonstrating flameworking at Kirra Galleries Macrocarpa by Lee Howes
Demonstrating flameworking at Kirra Galleries Macrocarpa by Lee Howes


3 - 6 November 2016
We are pleased to have been invited yet again to exhibit at one of the foremost international art shows - SOFA (Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design).
The exhibition will open on Thursday 3 November 2016 at Navy Pier in Chicago and Kirra Galleries will occupy a prominent position close to the entrance of the exhibition hall.
Team Kirra at SOFA Chicago 2015
Team Kirra at SOFA Chicago 2015

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